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Yes, With this forum  exposing Highmarket Sports as a business that looks at the traveling snowmobile riders as a mark to make money off of. Our forum have had lots of new members and people viewing the forum. Yes we are the watchdog forum that is here for the people that travel to Tug Hill to ride. We ill continue to expose the companies that look to rip you off.
So not only will you get the best and only true trail reports in NY, you will get updates on the bad companies that look to take advantage of you and your money. If you have a problem with a company please post it. This is  powerful site and is picked up by the search engines. The scam alert post is already on Yahoos 2nd page and should be on page 1 soon. This site get lots of views ..
So think twice about ripping off the traveling snowmobile community. If they post your business as a scam it will go on the search engines forever,, This is not FB,,
Please understand.. we want you to post the good companies too. Let them get some good press and exposure.

If you see a banner on this site you can bet it is a good company. Please use these trusted and tested businesses.

Update on Highmarket Sports. The owner admitted to not changing or checking spark plugs on machines brought in for service on FB. So for $200.00 what does he do.. lol.. nothing.
We have received unconfirmed reports that he is selling regular gas as hi test..This forum will look into this further and let you now. We already have purchased gas and are trying to get it tested. Thanks R   

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