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There is some awesome riding to be had up on the hill & surrounding areas if you can brave the cold & get out there!

Saturday was my first day out for the season!

Started out in Adams at the end of Spring St & rode to Redfield. All trails from Spring St down to Bice Rd & the covered bridge were groomed & smooth, a few bumps but mainly smooth & flat & lots & lots of snow all the way! At the end of Bice Rd where Sno Pals turns around is where the grooming stopped & the trails were not groomed yet down to Little John. Trails were very rough & there were lots of braches hanging down in the trail & a few downed trees to go around. Defiantly passible, but slow going. Got down to The Gathering Place & stopped there for a late breakfast. Traffic was light down to Redfield & only passed a few sleds along the way.
After breakfast we headed for Highmarket. The trails were groomed & in good shape from the end of the plowed section of Little John, to Potter Rd, Camp 2 & up to Michigan Mills Rd. Trails behind Barrows Performance were choppy but Southern Tug Hills groomer was on its way up the trail while we are filling up with gas at Barrows! Snow coverage was good all the way. From there we rode up McGouldrick, which was fantastic! Then North rd to Tabalts corners & Graves Rd over to Maple Ridge Rd. Those trails were getting pretty choppy as traffic was picking up. Once we got on Maple Ridge Rd tho, the trails were smooth & flat again all the way up Carey Rd to Flat Rock Rd. We took Flat Rock & Olin Rd to the Hook & Ladder & got a workout from the bumps & moguls! Lots of sleds at the hook & ladder & tons of snow! From there we took Culpepper to Worth rd & the main trails up to Denning Rd. Trails were choppy on the straights & rough in the corners all the way up to Denning Rd, but then good after that & back to Adams! 100 miles for the day on Saturday.

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