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So we waited and went out to the Big Moose Inn for chili for lunch around 2PM. Rode out of town on trail 1 to the pipeline. The pipeline has a major water hole about 2 miles out of town. We turned around, jumped back on trail 1 to 2 to Big Moose Road. Trails are bumpy big time. Some water here and there but not to bad. A lot of friggen traffic here this weekend and a lot of idiots. People stopped 3 wide across the sole trail blocking the trail. On the way back took Big Moose Road to 2 to 29 to 9 to 5 to 8 to 1 and back into town. 29 was decent. 9 and 8 were good as always. Just an FYI in front of Daikers where you cross 28 there is a "pond". You have to cross 28 by Daikers cottages to get down to Daikers. The lakes....... Don't ask. They are junk again.
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