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After the previous day's 100 mile ride, I didn't really have plans to ride much more than that yesterday; but the trail conditions, not the weather, dictated otherwise!

If you did not ride yesterday because of the cold you missed out on some epic early season riding!

We started in Barnes Corners at 930am & rode the main trails out to Salmon River Rd via Culpepper rd. Everything out to Salmon River Rd was awesome! A few bumps here & there but nothing to complain about. After going into camp to start a fire & get the place warmed up we headed back out for Montague & lunch! Trails along Salmon River Rd, to Pitcher Rd, Olin, & Parker Rd we're flat & fast! Ate at Montague for lunch, then took the trails back to Barnes corners. Trail behind Montague back to Sears Pond Rd was Flat & smooth, the worth rd cut off was not groomed however, but once we were on worth rd the trails were good again back to Barnes corners. From there we rode out to Copenhagen. It was a little choppy leaving Barnes corners, but the closer we got to Copenhagen the better the trails got. Got to Copenhagen & stopped in at the cottage inn to warm up! We left there & headed for Montague via the Maples. All trails between Copenhagen & Montague were freshly groomed; flat, fast n smooth with great snow coverage all the way! We didn't stop at montague because rector rd was so awesome, we turned around & rode it again back to Rawsom Rd! Then down to Flat Rock Rd & over to Flat Rock, which was a little choppy. Stopped in at flat rock & warmed up, decided to head to the Gorge & then down to highmarket. Centerville rd leaving flat rock was a little bumpy but not bad. Fykes rd & Corrigan hill rd were awesome over to the gorge! Not a bump to be found! We left the Gorge, went through tabolts corners & down North Rd, where we found fresh groomer tracks! We passed Turin's groomer about a mile from highmarket & gave him a big thumbs up as we had about 15 miles of pristine trails! We warmed up at highmarket, got gas at Barrows & decided to head for Osceola via Camp 4 rd through Sawcott Mills. We met Southern Tug Hills groomer at Barrows, but he was heading South not North. Trails leaving Barrows were a little choppy, but got better down Michigan Mills Rd & once we got to Camp 2 intersection it was good all the way down camp 4 to Sawcott Mills. Between Sawcott Mills & Osceola the trails were good, but thin & icy in a few spots, with a few rocks rolling around in the trails. From Osceola up to Cedar Pines the snow got much better & conditions improved. Stopped in at Cedar Pines & warmed back up, man it was cold after the sun went down! After that we came back up to Little John & back to Salmon River Rd, which was groomed & awesome all the way! Went into camp & restarted the fire then out to hook n ladder for Dinner! Got there about 8pm. After dinner the ride back to Barnes corners was fantastic, everything was groomed & I passed Sno pals groomer on mile strip rd, another big thumbs up! Got back to the truck at 10pm & it was -20! It was def a cold ride & we stopped to warm up a lot, but the trails were awesome all day!

200 miles for the day & 100 miles the previous day, makes 300 miles for the weekend!

I know it is cold out, but get some warm gear & get out there! There is an unreal amount of snow on the hill right now for this early in the season! We have mid season conditions right now & it's just the beginning of the season! Get out there & see for yourself!

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Wow great trail report .. Thanks..
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