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Make sure before you go to Highmarket Sports that you take pictures of what is on your sled.. Remove your tool kit. Take pictures of your clutch engagement springs so like myself when they are removed and replaced with a stock spring you have proof, like what happened to me. My Team Tied Engagement springs replaced with black stock engagement springs. Check your spark plugs to see if they have been changed. Make sure your primary chain and fluid are changed and adjusted. Video this with your cell phone. Do what you can to show that the same parts on your sled come hone on your sled. 
Highmarket Sports makes a fortune by not doing the tune ups. Please protect yourself.
Best thing to do is not go to Highmarket Sports
Here is a post on Hardcore Snowmobile forum check this out..

Here is proof. These plugs were plugged out directly after a tune up for over $200.00 at Highmarket Sports.

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This is the first time ever ive heard this alls i ever heard was very good and positive things about there service not sure whats going on anymore
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